What We Value

If Your Health is Gods priority then we value single every life..

Medical Guidance

We have specialists in Medicine and Counselling that are available at the hospital to give free advise to patients on how they can live a good life and prevent things like self-medication which cause disease perseverance. In addition we advise also on personal hygiene of communities and families to live a disease free surrounding.

Emergency Help

Since it was established 20th Nov 2017, it has grown to include a consultation room, pharmacy, basic laboratory and treatment/emergency care room. We have five admission beds and emergency doctors that can attend to patients 24 hours.

Cardio Monitoring

In February, we added a maternity unit and from a donation in June, we received a mobile ultrasound scanner. This scanner has enabled us to serve our community better by making diagnosis easier and also helps pregnant mothers attending antenatal (prenatal) care.

Medical Treatment

The medical staff has treated people with malaria, trauma, upper respiratory tract infections, hypertension, benign prostatic hypertrophy, inguinal hernia, childhood measles, sickle cell disease, UTI’s, pelvic inflammatory disease, pneumonia, asthma, incomplete abortions, snake bites, cellulitis, septicemia, allergies, and skin diseases.