About us

Who we are

The vision for the health center was birthed out of the great need for medical care to reach the people in the slums and in the surrounding communities. It also serves as a follow- up for the patients that were treated during medical and dental missions (outreaches). The aim is to provide an easily accessible, safe, and well- equipped place where the most disadvantaged people can go to get medical services and emergency medical and surgical procedures carried out to save lives.

Since it was established 20th Nov 2017, it has grown to include a consultation room, pharmacy, basic laboratory and treatment/emergency care room.

Due to the deaths of many people including children of the families that we have been working closely with, other health issues, and the severe poverty-stricken state of these people in the bush village of Masindi, we felt a deep burden. That burden lead to the opening of a small community clinic that we hope to grow in the near future. The medical clinic has brought drastic good changes to the people of Masindi, since its opening on August 26th 2017. The medical staff has treated people with malaria, trauma, upper respiratory tract infections, hypertension, benign prostatic hypertrophy, inguinal hernia, childhood measles, sickle cell disease, UTI’s, pelvic inflammatory disease, pneumonia, asthma, incomplete abortions, snake bites, cellulites, septicemia, allergies, and skin diseases. Many patients come when they are very sick. From August 26th 2017 up to May, the total number of patients seen was 866 patients.

We have started a plan of going to this clinic at the beginning of every month with a team of health workers of different professionals so that we can see a big number of patients.  We spend a day or two in this village seeing patients, doing health promotion and education. At the beginning of this month we saw about 160 patients in two days.

Our major challenge in this place is that we only have small space for working, storing drugs, and equipment to use.